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Residential Management Group

Safe, affordable housing for responsible contributors

Why Residential Management Group

This is a stable, conservative investment secured by income-producing real estate
  • In volatile times, we deliver reliable, predictable, consistent returns

  • Our people turn blight homes into cash-flowing assets, and we actively manage those assets

  • Over time, investments in real estate have been less volatile than stocks

  • Investments are fully collateralized by cash-flowing real estate

  • Affordable housing is in high demand and very short supply

  • ‘Homes’ that are borderline uninhabitable and poorly managed rent quickly for premium prices

  • We actively self-manage our properties.  We are far more engaged in managing our assets than a property manager making $75 a month.  Our emphasis is on long term asset appreciation – no corner cutting and no penny-wise, pound foolishness

Our Formula

  • A unique design philosophy that creates the nicest homes for the price
  • Investments in areas with diverse job markets and low property taxes
  • Partner with local authorities with complementary goals
  • Quality ‘customers’: teachers, police, firefighters, veterans, EMS, single parents and the elderly / retired on fixed incomes

Recent Properties

Properties for sale, we currently have a 21 day average selling time!

Discover Your Potential with RMG

  • Residential Management Group provides clean, safe, affordable housing to responsible contributors.
  • We acquire, renovate, market and proactively manage our homes
  • We invest primarily in single-family homes and duplexes in low-income areas
  • We take investments in the form of fixed-rate mortgages, fully secured by performing assets

Lastest For Rent

Our homes typically rent the first day of Open House – even during a pandemic


The biggest reward is to satisfy our clients and share their experience with us

Contact Us Today:

Phone: (404) 239- 5296




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