Safe, affordable housing for responsible contributors

We create the nicest homes available for the price.

Our homes typically rent the first day of Open House – even during a pandemic


Change the  dynamics  of  low-income  neighborhoods  while  delivering  solid  investment  returns


This is a stable, conservative investment secured by income-producing real estate

    • In volatile times, we deliver reliable, predictable, consistent returns
    • Our people turn blight homes into cash-flowing assets, and we actively manage those assets
    • Over time, investments in real estate have been less volatile than stocks
    • Investments are fully collateralized by cash-flowing real estate
    • ‘Homes’ that are borderline uninhabitable and poorly managed rent quickly for premium prices

Our Formula For Success

      • A unique design philosophy that create the nicest homes for the price
      • Investments in areas with diverse job markets and low property taxes
      • Partnership with local authorities with complementary goals
      • Quality ‘customers’: teachers, police, firefighters, veterans, EMS, single parents and the elderly / retired on fixed incomes
  • Residential Management Group provides clean, safe, affordable housing to responsible contributors. 
  • We acquire, renovate, market and proactively manage our homes
  • We invest primarily in single-family homes and duplexes in low-income areas
  • We take investments in the form of fixed-rate mortgages, fully secured by performing assets

About Residential Management Group

We didn’t start out with the stated goal of driving slum lords out of business, but our experiences helped to crystalize our mission. We knew that what we saw was unacceptable and that it created opportunities.



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